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Dr. Friedrich Emmerling

Partner | Patent attorney | Munich

Patent Ligitation

„Friedrich Emmerling has very good expertise and knowledge. His preparation is very detailed and thorough, and he always goes the extra mile to see what more can be done.“

– Chambers Global Guide 2024

„Friedrich Emmerling is highly experienced in litigation, oppositions and procedural matters.“

IAM Patent 1000 Guide 2024

„He is really one of the best patent attorneys in Germany. He digs really deeply into the matter and understands what it is about in the end.“

– Chambers Global Guide 2024

„His strengths are his professional competence and very profound experience in litigation.“

– Chambers Global Guide 2024

„For me he is the best patent attorney in litigation and nullity actions.“

– Chambers Global Guide 2024

„Friedrich is extremely reliable. When he has reviewed stuff it is of great quality. He is very easy and relaxed.“

– Chambers Global Guide 2024

„Friedrich Emmerling: Outstanding wealth of experience; knows judges and case law practice not only of the EPO and the BPatG, but in particular also of the individual infringement courts.“

– The Legal 500 – Deutschland 2024

„Friedrich Emmerling is a good team worker and ensures that the actual technical context of both the patents under consideration and the (alleged) forms of infringement are fully understood by the patent attorney team and the attorney conducting the proceedings..“

– The Legal 500 – Deutschland 2024

„Friedrich Emmerling can provide real strategic advice thanks to his outstanding technical understanding and wealth of experience. In my opinion, his ability to see the "big picture" while at the same time knowing the details sets him apart from many others.“

– The Legal 500 – Deutschland 2024

„Friedrich Emmerling: Outstanding wealth of experience; knows judges and case law practice not only of the EPO and the BPatG, but in particular also of the individual infringement courts.“

– The Legal 500 – Deutschland 2024

„Friedrich Emmerling is lauded by peers for his "thorough and technical" understanding of complex IP matters emerging from the mobile and telecoms industries.“

WhosWhoLegal – 2024

„Fritz is the best patent attorney you will find in Germany or even the EU. He has a deep technical understanding of telecommunications and abundant litigation experience. He does not limit himself to the tried and true – he is able to think outside of the box to further aid the client. He is supported by an able and sizeable team, dedicated to achieving the patron’s objectives.“

IAM patent 1000 – 2023

„Friedrich Emmerling is singled out by peers as "an extremely experienced patent attorney" who "excels in the field of mobile phone technology and SEPs“

WhosWhoLegal – 2023

„Fritz Emmerling is great at analyzing cases, discovering strengths and weaknesses and finding solutions for the client. He knows what kind of external support is needed. His cooperation with litigators, but also with teams in other countries or in joint defense groups, is moderate and convincing. I have not yet seen a comparable German patent attorney in litigation.“

The Legal 500 – 2023

„Fritz Emmerling is very successful in the coordination of international litigation.“

The Legal 500 – 2023

Friedrich Emmerling with Braun-Dullaeus Pannen Emmerling is “a true patent litigation expert” with “the knowledge level of a top technical specialist”. His “ability to shed light on the weak arguments of opposing parties” is further applauded.

Who’s Who Legal

"He has continually demonstrated not only his impeccable technical expertise, but also his close attention to detail, despite a huge number of cases."

– IAM 1000 Guide 2022

"He is certainly a pleasure to work with, being not only highly respected among his peers and colleagues, but also with the courts. More importantly, Friedrich can think from the commercial perspective – a unique thing not many outside attorneys are capable of."

– IAM 1000 Guide 2022

"He is one of the best German patent attorneys out there and has a good feel for what will work before the courts."

– IAM 1000 Guide 2021

Dr. Friedrich Emmerling | Partner | Patentanwalt | BDPE München

Dr. Friedrich Emmerling (Fritz)  has been practicing intellectual property law for over 20 years, and has been exclusively involved in patent litigation for more than 15 years. He regularly represents Fortune 500 companies successfully in multi-jurisdictional patent disputes before the German Federal Patent Court, the German Federal Supreme Court and the European Patent Office. Renowned publications and ranking organizations like Chambers, Legal500, IAM, MIP and JUVE rank him among the leading patent attorneys.

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Due to his technical and professional background, Fritz has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of mobile communications, video and audio coding, power engineering, semiconductor technology, IT/software and optics.

He leads one of the most active patent litigation teams for patent litigation cases before German courts and the EPO, especially when it comes to mobile communication and electrical engineering patents. Especially in the field of standard essential patents, his team enjoys an excellent reputation and has established itself as one of the most experienced in the market.

Of particular importance are his representation in the Huawei vs. ZTE case (“patent dispute of the decade”,, in the Unwired Planet vs. Huawei case (“Avoiding the Wild West”,, or in the case brought by Intellectual Ventures against Deutsche Telekom AG, Vodafone, Telefonica, Huawei (“currently probably the largest patent infringement complex before German courts”,

Fritz and his team have also successfully defended the interests of his clients in other technology areas, such as renewable energies. Particularly noteworthy is the SolarEdge v. Huawei case.

Before founding BDPE with his partners Dr. Karl-Ulrich Braun-Dullaeus (Uli), Heinrich Georg Pannen and Markus Kreuzberg, Friedrich worked for eight years at Bird & Bird, among others.

Prior to his work as a patent attorney, Fritz was a senior executive in the industry in the fields of software development and application technology. He studied physics and received his doctorate from the Technical University of Munich.

Fon +49 (0)89 – 21 53 819-20


  • German patent attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • European Trademark and Design Attorney
  • Study of physics and doctorate (TU München)

Authorized to represent

  • Germany:
    • Federal Court of Justice (only patent nullity proceedings)
    • Federal Patent Court (BPATG)
    • German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA)
  • Europe:
    • Unified Patent Court (UPC)
    • European Patent Office (EPO)
    • European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
  • International:
    • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

“My claim is the highest precision for your advocacy.”

Technical fields


Audio-video encoding

Electrical and information technology

Optics and medical technology

Power Engineering


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