Chambers and Partners – Global and Europe Rankings 2020
Intellectual Property: Patent Prosecution in Germany

Band 4 – Friedrich Emmerling – LINK

Friedrich Emmerling advances in the rankings this year in recognition of his growing market reputation. Emmerling frequently handles patent infringement and validity proceedings in the telecommunication sector. Sources say: “He is a sharp and clever guy. He looks at the technology and really cuts to the chase.”

IAM Patent 1000 – The world’s leading patent specialists 2020

Highly recommended individual for prosecution and nullity: Dr. Friedrich Emmerling LINK

Telecoms corporations have Friedrich Emmerling on speed dial for his cross-jurisdictional SEP expertise: “He is very knowledgeable, legally and technically, and is also a charming and warm man, who is a pleasure to deal with and speak to.” – IAM Patent 1000 Handbuch 2020

IAM Strategy 300

The World’s Leading IP Strategists – LINK

IAM says, “Friedrich Emmerling practices patent litigation from solid foundations in research, corporate management and patent prosecution. He assembles excellent teams and provides an above-and-beyond service. He’s an ace on cases relating to standard-essential patents.”

Managing Intellectual Property IP STARS
IP Star 2020 – LINK
Dr. Friedrich Emmerling of Braun-Dullaeus Pannen Emmerling has been included in as an Patent Star in the 2020 edition of IP STARS.

Finance Monthly Legal Awards 2020

Patent Law Attorney of the Year in Germany – Dr. Friedrich Emmerling – LINK

Global Law Experts – LINK

Exclusively recommended lawyer for patent litigation in Germany – Dr. Friedrich Emmerling

Exclusively recommended law firm for patent litigation in Germany – Braun-Dullaeus Pannen Emmerling

Best Lawyers

List of the best lawyers in Germany for intellectual property law – LINK

Dr. Karl-Ulrich Braun-Dullaeus
Dr. Friedrich Emmerling
Markus Kreuzberg
Heinrich Georg Pannen

Financial Times

Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms 2020 – LINK

One of 160 leading European patent law firms in 2020. Recommended for electrical engineering (Level 3, Bronze).

IAM Global Leaders 2020 – Germany

Dr. Friedrich Emmerling was ranked as one of IAM’s “Global Leaders.” – LINK


JUVE Handbook
Recommended law firm for patent litigation & patent attorneys 2019/2020 – LINK

“The most impressive event of the past year was the amalgamation of patent attorneys Dr. Karl-Ulrich Braun-Dullaeus (until then in his own law firm) and Dr. Friedrich Emmerling (previously by Prüfer & Partner) at the end of 2018. The new law firm Braun-Dullaeus Pannen Emmerling advises Huawei and Deutsche Telekom, two of the companies most frequently sued by patent exploiters in Germany. In contrast to other patent law firms, they have a clear focus on litigation.“LINK

Chambers and Partners

Europe 2019

Friedrich Emmerling of Braun-Dullaeus Pannen Emmerling represents technology and telecommunications sector clients in patent law disputes and infringement proceedings. Clients say: “His advantage lies in his experience. He knows what the judge will accept and makes sure that the court takes in the arguments. That is high class that I haven’t seen with other patent attorneys.“

Managing Intellectual Property IP STARS

IP Star Patents 2019 – LINK

“Dr. Friedrich Emmerling of Braun-Dullaeus Pannen Emmerling has been included in as an IP Star in the 2019 edition of IP STARS.”

IAM Patent 1000 – The World’s Leading Patent Professionals
Recommended Individual 2019

The “charming and warm” Friedrich Emmerling, newly of Braun-Dullaeus Pannen Emmerling, garners a truly remarkable amount of praise for his infringement and nullity prowess in the electronics and telecommunications fields. “He is one of the most brilliant colleagues I have ever met, and the go-to practitioner in Germany in his field. His accuracy and precision are exemplary, remarkable. He really is an exceptional phenomenon among German patent attorneys – respected by colleagues and judges across the land.”

Friedrich Emmerling is “highly recommended” in the category “Individuals: prosecution and nullity.”

IAM Strategy 300

Recommended Individual 2019LINK

“Friedrich Emmerling is masterful in his handling of technically complex patent litigations and a leading expert on standard essential patents. Highly commercial and strategic, and well-connected internationally, he is a discerning choice for innovators in the software, communications and semiconductor fields.”

Financial Times

Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms 2019 – LINK

One of 142 Europe’s leading patent law firms of 2019.

Wirtschaftswoche (Business Weekly)
WiWo Top Law Firms 2019

The best lawyers for patent law and copyright. LINK

Top Attorneys 2018 – LINK

Particularly recommended patent attorneys “Dr. Karl-Ulrich Braun-Dullaeus ”and“ Dr. Friedrich Emmerling.”

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